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Fans Of Sailor Moon ^______^
Attention Sailor Moon Fans in and around the Greater Boston/Cambridge, MA Area 
25th-Aug-2011 09:27 am
Mini Manga Sailor Moon

One of our local Boston area comic shops, Comicopia, will be hosting a Midnight Release Party for the Re-Release of the Sailor Moon Manga and the New Release (in the US) of Sailor V Manga! \^__^/

I'm so there (eventho I have all the available books already pre-orderd through Amazon)! Midnight Releases are awesome! I already reserved my spot and everything and I have a super appropriate cosplay planned! It'sa debut of sorts since I initially was planning on having it for Dragon*Con but I have a feeling I'll be just a little short on time to complete it for that so I'll be saving it for this event since this seems way more appropriate anyway! XD

Anyway here's the Press Release they put out in case anyone is interested:


Sailor Moon is making a glorious return to the US market and Comicopia will be ready with a Midnight Release Party beginning Monday, September 12th at 11:30 pm and ending Tuesday, September 13th at 12:30 am.

Additionally, Comicopia will also be hosting a Sailor Moon Extravaganza on Tuesday, September 13th from 11:00 am until 7:00 pm. Due to high demand and limited space, Comicopia will be restricting attendance to their Sailor Moon Midnight Release party to 50 guests.  To attend, please contact Comicopia at: matt.comicopia@gmail.com or call at (617) 266-4266. Give your name(s), contact information and the number of copies you wish to reserve of Sailor Moon and Codename Sailor V. You will receive a confirmation to ensure your name is added to the guest list.

For all attendees:
Comicopia is located on the ground floor of a historical building in a residential area. We ask that all of our clientele show respectful conduct. Please refrain from yelling, climbing on the scaffolding, and inappropriate behavior towards staff. Dancing is always encouraged. If you are somehow unable to attend or have to cancel, please contact us so we can open a guest slot for someone else. The Sailor Moon Extravaganza will be an open event. If you are unable to attend either event but still wish to obtain your copies of Sailor Moon and Codename Sailor V, contact Comicopia and reserve your copies today!

I also posted this on my Tumblr incase anyone was interested in that. ^_^
27th-Aug-2011 03:16 pm (UTC)
I knew of the midnight for a couple weeks now, and have already reserved my copies to make the drive and attend. ^_^ Now there's an all-day event? That is awesome! My attendance for that is up in the air though, depending on living and job situations at that time. Plus I'd have to find a place to crash at. ^^;;;
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