sweetie_sheng (sweetie_sheng) wrote in sailormoonfans,

Still taking offers till Saturday ^_^

hiya! sorry for being such a slack on replying to comments and posting artworks.. Ike made so much trouble to Houston and most had power outage. But I'm back! and i still need to finish some templates and artworks for a lot of peeps so.... i'll keep my promise and finish it! gahh ^_^

Here's my ESM plushie bag! :) taking offer til Saturday =]

current offer is $25.00

Link to Previous post and brief description

Here's what I drew this morning, I got inspired after reading the 1st volume of sailor V manga (although it's JApanese XD)
It's not finished yet and i have no idea what to do with her hands lol. 
if you want to continue the art, go right away coz i have no idea how to finish it.. lol click on the image to get a larger picture ^_^

Arigatou Minna! =]

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