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Fans Of Sailor Moon ^______^
27th-Aug-2019 11:53 am - [SALE]: Sailor Moon Anime Merch
JG: Ueto Aya (上戸彩) - eye cover

I'm selling lots of Japanese manga, doujinshi, anime merch and a lot more.

You can all find it here: cho_sales

Make sure to check it out.
26th-Apr-2017 06:19 am - Old vs. New DVDs
Makoto - Jupiter
I've got some questions about the new DVDs that Viz is releasing of the original Sailor Moon anime.

See, I own the old DVDs from back in the day. And I wanted to know, are these new DVDs remastered, or improved in any way? (Like better video or audio quality) Or are they just a simple re-release? Because if the quality is much better than the old ones, I might be interested in picking them up. But if it's the same quality, then there's no point. (Yeah, I heard they did a new dub, but I prefer the sub, so that's not a selling point for me.)

So, does anyone own both the old and new DVDs? Or have any other input about the quality of the new ones? Are they worth buying, even though I already own the series? Any thoughts would be appreciated!
[Image: emergence_banner.png]

Forbidden Hades
Manga & Sailor Moon Crystal based RPG | Black Moon Arc
No Knowledge Required | No Word Count
29th-Jan-2017 07:36 am - Every Episode of Sailor Moon SuperS
tiny sailormoon

#81 Every Episode of Sailor Moon SuperS

With the new Sailor Moon Crystal season 4 confirmed, I thought it would be an appropriate time to make a comic on the 90s version :D Hope you enjoy it!!

10th-Jul-2016 09:10 am - Sailor Moon Drops - "Taxedo Mask"
tiny sailormoon

Sailor Moon Drops Comic

My latest comic based on Sailor Moon Drops (official Sailor Moon iOS game) :D I’m having too much fun with it. Seriously though, who else gets mad when he shows up on the screen? XP

11th-Jan-2016 07:16 am - Moonies Be Like:
tiny sailormoon

A comic about us Moonies! :’D I hope you can relate XDDD~
5th-Sep-2015 11:11 pm - Selling Sailor Moon Musical tickets!
Hi guys! My friend is selling 3 tickets for the upcoming Sailor Moon Musical for normal price.
Place and date: Osaka, 4th October, 12:00 performance.
Write a comment or PM me if interested! Thank you~
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