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17th-Aug-2014 06:32 pm - SCREENCAPS: [104] - HD/LOGOLESS

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4th-Aug-2014 11:35 pm - My nits...picked
Okay, first couple of episodes I kind of liked that the anime had a lot of manga like images, they're thrown at you in a fashion similar to the manga too, bang, the image like turning the page to find a full page image. Unfortunately my original concerns about low framerate seem to be bearing out. And then there's the hair, I mean the amount of hair in Usagi's bangs is too damn high. People have brought up the alien head shape, and now they put this mound of hair on top of it like a scoop of ice cream. And finally, it seems like there's not as much BGM, to me. Okay, so much for picking nits. I'm actually really happy with the series overall. I'm glad that it's following the manga. There will be departures, hopefully nothing as abrupt as say, killing - - - - - from some uncurable disease, for instance (like PGSM). We have been told to expect some changes. But more side stories? Pretty sure they won't have time for that. I think we will be devided on the same old manga/anime lines on Crystal, but that's OK I like both!

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3rd-Aug-2014 01:15 am - Sailor Moon Crystal
So nobody here is talking about Sailor Moon Crystal now that it's out. Why? Come on guys, what do you think? Love it? Hate it? Indifferent?

I'm not that crazy about the way the eyes are being drawn; they don't seem to have the same sparks of life as the original anime's eyes had. But otherwise, I'm pretty happy with it so far. And I'll be even happier if they keep the Four Kings all around like in the live-action version and show their backstories, like there and in the manga. And I wish that for once they wouldn't have to die and stay dead/turn into crystals/etc.!

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14th-Jul-2014 08:41 pm - Sailor Moon Crystal Comic!
tiny sailormoon

[Sailor Moon Crystal] Act 1 Usagi – Sailor Moon


Our first comic based on Sailor Moon Crystal~ Hope you like it :)

30th-Jun-2014 03:26 pm - Sailor Moon Crystal footage!!!
Hello everyone!
I've never posted here before but I have been a member for a long time, and as everyone here, I am very happy about the new anime!
Anyway, today I was on youtube and I found a video that showed the opening and transformation sequences!!!
I couldn't help but cry tears of joy! :'D
So I suggest everyone to go and watch it! ;D

What are your thoughts?

On a side note: I was wondering if any moonies would like to meet up on the day that the new anime airs to hang out and celebrate? I live in California. :)

Edit: here is the video please watch it all the way through!
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