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Forbidden Hades
Manga & Sailor Moon Crystal based RPG | Black Moon Arc
No Knowledge Required | No Word Count
29th-Jan-2017 07:36 am - Every Episode of Sailor Moon SuperS
tiny sailormoon

#81 Every Episode of Sailor Moon SuperS

With the new Sailor Moon Crystal season 4 confirmed, I thought it would be an appropriate time to make a comic on the 90s version :D Hope you enjoy it!!

10th-Jul-2016 09:10 am - Sailor Moon Drops - "Taxedo Mask"
tiny sailormoon

Sailor Moon Drops Comic

My latest comic based on Sailor Moon Drops (official Sailor Moon iOS game) :D I’m having too much fun with it. Seriously though, who else gets mad when he shows up on the screen? XP

11th-Jan-2016 07:16 am - Moonies Be Like:
tiny sailormoon

A comic about us Moonies! :’D I hope you can relate XDDD~
5th-Sep-2015 11:11 pm - Selling Sailor Moon Musical tickets!
Hi guys! My friend is selling 3 tickets for the upcoming Sailor Moon Musical for normal price.
Place and date: Osaka, 4th October, 12:00 performance.
Write a comment or PM me if interested! Thank you~

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7th-Jul-2015 12:30 am - SCREENCAPS: [125] - HD/LOGOLESS

Zip link(s) here (free registration required)
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