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14th-Dec-2014 08:21 am - SCREENCAPS: [111] - HD/LOGOLESS

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19th-Nov-2014 08:08 pm - SCREENCAPS: [110] - HD/LOGOLESS

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14th-Nov-2014 03:48 am - FFAF
Death Note - Near

Haven't had one of these in a while..

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28th-Oct-2014 12:55 pm - 55 icons
chibiusa | sailor moon

over here at karlsefni
9th-Oct-2014 07:57 pm - Great Eastern Sailor Moon plushies
Has anyone bought any of the big 17-to-20 inch Sailor Moon plushies Great Eastern has started putting out? I probably wouldn't spend $30-ish on a Mars or Jupiter, but now there's a Sailor Moon herself in the larger size and I might very well be interested. I'm wondering exactly how big they really are, if it's closer to 17 inches or 20 inches or even a little bigger. I really hate buying something without having some idea of exactly how big it really is.

Also, I'm wondering if anyone has ever had any issues with Great Eastern plushies of any size starting to smell funny? I have their giant Shadow the Hedgehog plushie and for ages now I've had a problem with a weird and unpleasant smell coming from his chest area. I don't know how to describe the smell in the least, but it's very off-putting. I'm hoping this isn't a common problem of Great Eastern plushies, especially since I bought their Chibi Moon last week when I saw her at F.Y.E.

Lastly, does anyone know if they're going to release the remaining Senshi? They haven't put out Neptune, Pluto, or Saturn yet! And I really wish they'd also start making some of the non-Senshi characters too, like Naru and the Shitennou.

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13th-Sep-2014 09:06 pm - Places to find the new merchandise?
A question that's probably been asked to death, but after all this time, I thought maybe the answers would have changed.

What are the good retail stores to find the new/relatively new Sailor Moon merchandise? I know F.Y.E. carries a lot of it. Do they have the plushies? I know Hot Topic has shirts. B&N has the manga.

Any other retail stores common in the U.S. where the merchandise can be found? Note that I'm looking for stores you can walk in, not online stores.
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